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4x4 Servicing

We all love our 4wd and All wheel drive cars whether its driving around the suburbs or taking of into the great outdoors there is nothing more Australian than having a 4×4.

But did you know that 4wd servicing and repairs is a lot more complicated than a sedan or hatchback?

While fundamentally the same the components that make up a 4wd can require more servicing and maintenance as they are often exposed to harsh elements and rugged driving conditions.

At Call Out Mobile Mechanics, we strive to provide our customers with stress-free 4wd servicing and mobile repairs. We have years of experience, expert knowledge in 4wd and Awd transmissions, suspensions, engine and drive trains.

Our mobile mechanics are experts in electronic transfer case control systems.

Four wheel drive vehicles have a unique gear box called the transfer case. There is lubricant fluid in this case which should be replaced at regular intervals to avoid damage or premature wear.