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Cooling Systems

With summer fast approaching its time to check your cars cooling system.

The team at Call Out Mobile Mechanics can perform a complete range of cooling system diagnostic, servicing and repairs right from the comfort of your home or business. Our mobile mechanics are experts in your cars cooling system and we service all areas 6 days a week.

Your car’s cooling system provides a vital function. It circulates coolant throughout your engine to maintain proper engine temperature. Most cars common cooling system consists of several parts—including a water pump, hoses, a thermostat, a fan clutch, and a radiator tank which all work in conjunction to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat which can lead to damage and costly engine repair. If you suspect you have a problem with your cars cooling system it’s important to contact a mobile mechanic before serious costly damage occurs.

Some symptoms of cooling system issues include rapidly overheating engines or fluctuating temperature readings, pinging noises in the motor, and loss of power etc.

At the core of your cars cooling system is the radiator which is responsible for cooling the whole system, a leak or a broken radiator hose can lead to major engine failure. A radiator pressure test is one way we can check for potential leaks or radiator damage.

During an inspection of the cooling system service, our mechanic undertakes a comprehensive review and also will check the cooling fan for damage and the fan belt for cracks. In the event that your vehicle is overheating, please do not drive any further; instead, call our friendly staff for help.

At Call Out Mobile Mechanics we offer Perth’s most convenient mobile mechanic service and also offer a Free Towing Service (Conditions apply).