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Timing Belt Services

As your car approached 100,000km it often needs to have the timing belt replaced.

Different car manufacturers have different distance recommendations but all agree that you should not exceed the vehicles recommendation.  If your timing belt fails, your engine becomes completely immobile, and can cost a lot of money. What’s worse is that there is no pre-warning, if the belt breaks, most engines are interference fit, which could cause serious engine damages. This could leave you stranded on the side of the road and out of pocket.

Call Out Mobile Mechanics attends to 20 – 30 timing belt failures a year throughout the Perth Metro. Drivers are often left stranded, which is why we offer a no cost towing service to our workshop.

Your car’s timing belts forms the central part of your engine / Cam / Crankshaft / drivetrain, and while it’s not visible under the bonnet, it is one of the most crucial parts that keeps your car on the road. Call Out Mobile Mechanics can address all of your timing belt concerns providing you with honest advice and repair options that are available to you.

If you can’t remember if your timing belt has been replaced contact the team at Call Out Mobile Mechanics before it’s too late. Be SAFE, not SORRY.