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Truck Repairs

From the smallest problem to a major motor rebuild or replacing your brakes and suspension, our fully trained staff are qualified to carry out all truck repair work. We know how important your truck is to your livelihood, and strive to get your truck back on the road and earning it’s keep as soon as possible.

We are specialists in the maintenance of all trucks, utilities and commercial vehicles. Our expertise allows us to provide truck repair services for a diverse range of trucks and we satisfy most requirements in the transport industry.

With our reputation for quality breakdown service and workmanship you are ensured of reliability and customer satisfaction when you bring your truck to us for repairs.

Contact us today by phone, or by using the form on the right, to see how we can help you get back on the road.

Enjoy the professional towing service you expect with fully trained representatives utilising our preferred tow provider network to tow your vehicle to the desired place of tires, maintenance and repair.

Tow Truck Assistance

Our tow truck assistance aims to provide a towing service that is above and beyond what is expected from a tow truck assistance company. Our tow truck assistance is efficient in servicing for accident towing for cars and trucks, breakdowns, emergency towing, winch jobs or machinery moves. We will give you authentic arrival times and keep you updated with the status of your job.

The A Service: $275 + Parts

  • Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filters
  • Air Filters – Clean or Replace
  • Brake Adjust Assistance
  • Clutch Adjust Assistance
  • Check Gear Box and Differential Oils and Top Up
  • Check Coolant and Top Up
  • Check Power Steering Fluid and Top up
  • Adjust Belts
  • Grease
  • Check Lights
  • Replace Wiper Blades (if necessary)
  • Adjust Hand Brake
  • Clean Aircon Filter

The B Service: $440+ Parts

Includes all Items in Service “A” plus the following:

  • Replace All Oils (diff and gearbox)
  • Replace Belts
  • Power Steering Flush and Replace Filter
  • Replace Brake Fluid

The C Service: $880+ Parts

Includes all Items in Service “A” and “B” plus the following:

  • Remove all wheels and re pack bearings (Or replace) of truck
  • Replace Hub and Axle Seals
  • Replace Wheel bearings if necessary
  • Replace Brake Shoes and Drums (If necessary)